Practice and practical application are crucial components of an education at the Ramaiah University of Applied Science and this is reflected in the well-planned facilities on our campuses.

The facilities give students the opportunity to master the skills necessary to develop a deep understanding of their fields. Students learn under the close guidance and supervision of faculty members and experts. The hands-on learning received in these labs give them a distinctive edge over their peers, helping them begin their careers as knowledgeable professionals. 

The facilities at FAD include a comprehensive range of studios and labs that cater to the different aspects of fashion design and product design. 

Digital Design Studio

  • Pace Lab1

Established in association with General Motors, the Digital Design Studio helps students test the feasibility of their design concepts and ideas.

Painting and Print Studio

  • Print Studio

Students learn to render their ideas as sketches and paintings in different media, including charcoal, acrylic, oil and watercolours. They also explore different printing techniques and processes.

Form and Carpentry Studio

  • Form Studio 1

Design concepts are rendered using poly-urethane foam, thermocol and clay in this studio. 

Sculpture and Ceramics Studio

  • Ceramic Studio 2 Smalll

The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art pottery wheels and furnaces as well as the tools and materials required to create 3D models of clay, ceramic and other mediums. 

Photography Studio

  • Dose media Mt Jw7i A P0 unsplash Small

From the principles of light and composition to working with different equipment, students are taught the basics of photography in the studio. 

Ergonomics Studio

  • Ergonomics Studio2

Students learn the principles of ergonomics and how to integrate them in the design of every product. 

Concept Studio

  • L2 A0482

Ideas and concepts are presented to peers and faculty members to discuss possible ways and means to improve the product.

Industrial Clay Studio

  • S1 C0915

Students are trained by professionals to create automotive and vehicle forms using industrial / chavant clay. 

Spray Painting Studio

  • Alex blajan 8 Zoy N Sb5k DQ unsplash Small

Fibre and Yarn Studio and Textile Testing Lab

  • Kelly sikkema S9mf T5 X9v W0 unsplash Small

In this lab, students are taught about different fibres and textiles and how to test them for functionality, durability, aesthetics, and other properties.

Fashion Studio

  • Roman spiridonov q I9 H5nyhr V8 unsplash Small

Students are familiarised with the various processes and softwares that go into the making of a garment. 

Pattern Making Studio

  • Pattern Making Studio4

Fashion Design students render their ideas in 2D patterns at this studio. They also learn about the latest developments in their field here.