Department of Industrial Design

Design is a ubiquitous part of our world today. From everyday products like electronics and furniture to field-specific products like medical devices and aeronautical parts, product design plays a deciding role in how each product looks, feels, and functions.

Good product design addresses the unmet needs of customers, ensures functionality, delivers on aesthetics and comfort, and offers convenience and efficiency to those using it. 

The Department of Industrial Design was established 22 years ago to train Indian students in the global best practices of product design. Initially affiliated to Coventry University, the Department today is an integral part of the Faculty of Art and Design and offers specializations such as designing medical devices, consumer electronics, furniture, and transportation design. 

The curriculum, teaching, and advanced studios and labs, ensure that students graduate with a thorough understanding of the various aspects of product design — right from conceptualization and usability to manufacturing and marketing.

Head of Department