Concept Studio

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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    Students, Faculty / Staff, Research
L2 A0482


The Concept Studio at RUAS provides a space for students to learn and grow — as individuals and as designers. It is here that they first learn to present their ideas and concepts, moving past their inhibitions and fear. Peers, faculty members, and experts weigh in with their opinions and feedback on how to improve the product. This helps students be open to constructive criticism and novel ideas. 

The studio also showcases some of the best projects done by current and past students. It also serves as a great platform to educate visitors about the work of students, while also paving the way for employment opportunities for them. 

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 1050 sq ft

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilityQuantity
1Projector1 No.
2Computer Table1 No.
3Tables — Big8 No.
4Tables — Small4 No.
5Amplifier and 2 wall mounted speakers1 No.
6Pin Up Boards3 No.
7Wooden Cupboard3 No.