Fibre and Yarn Studio and Textile Testing Lab

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The quality of a product is determined by the quality of the materials used to build it. Similarly, the quality of an apparel or accessory depends on the textiles used. The feel, function, durability, and aesthetics of a textile play a key role in the final output. A comprehensive understanding of fibres and yarn as well as of textile testing, therefore, is a crucial element of fashion design. 

In the Fabric and Yarn Studio, students learn how to identify and evaluate different types of fabric. They are taught about the process of production for different fibres, and explore the physical and chemical tests available to understand their durability. Training in blend analysis is also offered. 

At the Fabric Studio, students learn how to prepare checker board designs for various fabrics. They are also taught to analyse the weave elements and geometrical characteristics of different fibres. 

Students gain a thorough understanding of the preparatory process, and the dyeing and printing of different textiles at the Wet Processing Lab.

The Textile Testing Lab, on the other hand, teaches students to assess the quality and properties of various materials as they move through the textile product chain. This helps in choosing the right raw materials and also offers a clear picture on the final product. 

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 483 sq ft

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsUnits
1Tensile Strength testerForce Resolution: 1/10, 000, Force Accuracy: ≤+/-0.5%, Force Unit Switch:Kgf, N & Ibf1
2Tearing Strength Tester1
3Bursting Strength testerCapacity: upto 70 kg /​cm² Opening in upper clamp: 30.5 mm diameter1
4Drape Meter1
5Digital balanceSpecifications: 0.1 mg — 300 g1 mg — 1000 g1
7Digital Microscope1
8Shrinkage TesterStandards: ISO 3759 BS 4931,Weight: 900 g1
9Stiffness Tester1
10Crease recovery TesterCreasing load: 1.0 Kg,Angle measurement: 10×1800×101
11GSM tester1
12Digital pilling tester2 stations ICI Pill Box to rapidly replicate the pilling on the fabric in a fraction of time due to normal wear.1
13Washing Tester- LaundrometerDepth: 710 mm,Height: 1220 mm1
14Crock meterThe determination of colourfastness of vinyl coated fabrics against rubbing in both dry and wet conditions1
15PerspirometerDepth: 72 mm,Height: 182 mm1
16Light fastness testerMBTL (Mercury Blinded Tungsten Lamp) Fading Lamp 500 W1
17Abrasion tester- MartindaleLoad: 595 g , 795 g,Counter: LCD , 0~999, 999,Dimension (W×D×H): 57 ×63 ×38 cm1
18Water BathDouble walled thermostatically controlled inside made of stainless steel outer made of S.S. / M.S. duly powder coated with 12 holes2
19Beesley BalanceASTM D 2260 – 96, D 3776, BS 2865, ISO 72111
23ScreenFor Printing20
24Wooden BlocksFor Printing8
25Induction Stove1
27Conical Flask2
29Test Tube50