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Academic Research Programmes

Research paves the way for innovation. It builds on what has been, improves on what is, and plans for what can be.

At FAD, research is not limited to the creation of new products alone. Instead, research also seeks to transform the processes, tools, and techniques that go into translating an idea into design reality. It includes product design and development, as well as engineering, manufacturing, textiles, fashion, and other related fields.

Research in design also fulfills many functions. It addresses the unmet needs of users, enhances aesthetics, increases efficiency, and improves performance. It also opens the door for the solving of critical societal and industry-related problems. 

At the Faculty of Art and Design, we offer following academic research program: 

This program offer students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of their areas of interest. Students are mentored and guided by experienced faculty members, and are encouraged to adopt multidisciplinary thinking to comprehensively address and resolve design challenges.