Photography Studio

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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    Students, Faculty / Staff, Research
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The Photography Studio is equipped with multiple working tables, backdrops, cameras, lighting fixtures, light boxes, diffusers, tethers, props, and assorted stationery to help students become proficient in the art of photography. 

Students being with the basics of product photography, learning to capture images in natural and artificial light. They then move on to integrating the principles of composition and design into their photography, and learn more about light and optics. Students also get comfortable handling high-end cameras, light-sensitive materials, and complex photography equipment. 

The studio offers students a chance to practice and experiment with various techniques, while also giving them the encouragement and guidance needed to develop their own individual style.

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 544 sq ft

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsUnits
1Canon 6D CameraFull Frame Camera1 No
2Canon 24 – 105 mm LensSTD Kit Lens1 No
3Canon 100 mm lensSTD Macro Lens1 No
4Canon 50 mm LensSTD Prime Lens1 No
5Continuous LightWhite Light2 No
6Continuous Light Softboxes and DiffuserSoftbox and Diffuser2 No
7Prolite Flash system and remoteContinuous light and Flash diffuser1 No
8TripodPan Axis Tripod1 No
9Lightboxes LargeDiffuser Light box2 No
10Light Boxes SmallDiffuser Light box2 Nos
11Backdrop and Stand4 Coloured Backdrop1 Set
12Glass SurfacesPhotoshoot surfaces4 No