Form and Carpentry Studio

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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    Students, Faculty / Staff
Form Studio 1


The Form and Carpentry Studio is where design concepts come one step closer to being brought to life. It is here that digital renderings of a design concept are produced as a three-dimensional form in the studio.

This step is the first time in the lifecycle of the design concept that the product is not only seen but is felt and experienced as well. Crucial to getting touch and feel feedback, this process also creates understanding of the accuracy and proportionality of the different aspects of the product. 

Forms can be built using different materials like poly-urethane foam, thermocol, clay, etc. Students are trained to work safely and with adequate protection to produce high-quality forms with excellent surface finish. 

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 913 sq ft

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Hot air gunSTD2 No.
2Hand grinderSTD1 No.
3Bench Grinding MachineSTD1 No.
4Sculpture stoolsSTD20 No.
5Wood Turning LatheMedium1 No.
6Glass Top TableSTD1 No.
7Bench drilling machinesmall1 No.
8Sheet bending machineSTD1 No.
9Sculpture toolsSTD
10Hand Drill MachineSTD1 No
11Bench viceSTD8 No.
12Carpentary viceSTD12 No.
13Bamboo Slitting machineSTD1 No.
14Carpentary ToolsSTD
15PlanarSTD10 No.