The Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) brings together experienced faculty, an agile curriculum, a strong industry focus, and a range of facilities that complement a comprehensive design education. 

FAD offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and academic research programs. 

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Studying at FAD

As a part of the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, FAD adopts the University’s approach to education. Multidisciplinary thinking is encouraged, an industry-focussed curriculum is promoted, and outcome-based learning is pursued.

Proctorial System

The University follows a proctorial system under which every student is assigned a faculty member as a proctor/​mentor. This ensures that students are closely guided through their academic and professional careers.

Application-based Learning

Design is a field of study whose existence depends on practical, real-world application. The success of a well designed product or item of clothing depends on how well the idea translates into reality. 

Application-based learning, therefore, is an integral part of education at FAD. The various facets of product and fashion design are broken into processes and skills that are taught in our studios and labs. In these facilities, students learn under the careful guidance of faculty members and pick up skills that stand them in good stead in their design careers.


In addition to an agile curriculum that is quick to adapt to changes in the industry, the Faculty of Art and Design also actively encourages students to take up internships with leaders and innovators in their field of interest. 

Working with industry experts gives students a chance to observe and understand the real-world workings and implications of design. This helps them plug any existing gaps in their knowledge and also prepares them to approach theoretical learning with a strong, practical focus.


Innovation is dictated by research. Comprehensive studies, thorough analysis, and evidence-based findings help ensure a scientific approach to out-of-the-box thinking and inventions. 

At FAD, our emphasis on research ensures that the creativity of our students is rooted in scientific knowledge.The result is the creation of carefully designed products and solutions that combine functionality with aesthetics, and convenience with comfort. 

The Faculty of Art and Design has filed over 10 patents for design innovations.

Student Projects

Projects give students a chance to put their theoretical learning to the test. 

With the close guidance and encouragement of faculty members, students come up with innovative design solutions for everyday problems. They tap into the expertise, resources, and facilities available on campus, and use the projects as yet another way to hone their talent. 

These projects encourage students to think and work independently while also reassuring them of the support of experienced professionals should they stumble along the way. They form an integral part of students’ portfolios, and set the foundation for their style and approach as designers. 

Over the years, students have developed everything from simple razor sheaths and inspired jewellery to smart calculators and even furniture!