Research is an unending quest to understand, rediscover, and improve current realities. When done in the field of art and design, it holds the power to transform the way we interact, work, and live.

At the Faculty of Art and Design, research is multifaceted and multidisciplinary, effortlessly encompassing fields as diverse as health, food, clothing, and electronics.

FAD’s Research activities are undertaken by a community of knowledgeable researchers who are committed to the Faculty’s high standards of quality. Trained in the categories of descriptive, analytical, qualitative, quantitative, and applied research, they adopt exploratory and conclusive research designs for every project. A comprehensive research strategy, as well as a thorough understanding of methodology and feasibility are also developed for every undertaking.

  • 45+ Publications

  • 20+ Projects

  • 10+ Patents

Partnerships and Collaborations

The central and state government offer several schemes and grants for R&D activities. This opens up several avenues for collaboration and public-private partnerships.

Key Partners

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