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Cultural Activities

At the Faculty of Art and Design, students pursue their creative passions not just inside the classroom, but outside of it as well. 

Students are actively encouraged to take part in activities where they can prove their mettle, learn from their peers, and expand their horizons. From competitions that test the designer in them to fun-filled events that explore their artistic side, our students enthusiastically participate — and win – in the many activities that come their way. 


Ankur is an annual exhibition conducted by the Faculty of Art and Design. The event encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and share their work with their peers, faculty members, and other members of society. 

Ankur — which means blossom’ in Sanskrit — is the ideal platform for B. Des and M. Des students of Industrial Design and Fashion Design to showcase their work. Students learn to translate their concepts into pieces of art, receive constructive critique that enhances their skills, and learn to mould their work to meet the utility requirements of society. 

Cultural Activities at RUAS

The University regularly conducts fests and competitions that see participation from students of different Faculties and programs. From the two-day annual fest Akaira to the monthly day-long Ramaiah Habba celebrations, these university-level events bring together all members of the RUAS family and inculcate a strong sense of team spirit among them.