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Community Engagement

As an initiative of the Ramaiah Group, the University ensures that its policies and actions are created keeping societal impact and giving in mind. The programs of all faculties, therefore, also include a strong social service component.

Service to Society Activities

Service to Society is a compulsory program designed by the University to ensure that the education students receive at RUAS is not only industry-centric but society-focussed as well. 

At FAD, this program has taken the shape of cleanliness and beautification drives. Students work in groups, and are encouraged to channel their talent and learning into the creation of beautiful public spaces. Over the years, these initiatives have included bus stops, government schools, and parks. 

Students clean the premises and surrounding areas, before improving the overall look and feel of the place through art. Often, the art is chosen to reflect the space and is informative, educational, and carries a strong public message.

These student initiatives help not only improve public spaces, but also bring art and beauty into the everyday lives of those who use the space.

Centre of Excellence

The Faculty of Art and Design has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Garment Design, Garment Manufacturing, and Quality Control by the Government of Karnataka. The recognition comes as a part of the Handloom and Textiles Department’s Nuthana Javali Neethi Scheme 2013 – 18. 

As a Centre of Excellence, FAD offers 10 days of needs-based training to underserved sections of society in order to help them upgrade their skills. This, in turn, gives them the opportunity to secure better employment and to improve their socio-economic situation. 

Community Engagement by RUAS

In addition to the Service to Society’ program that is mandatory for all students, the University organises numerous activities that focus on the welfare and upliftment of society. These include initiatives like awareness drives, screening camps, and blood donation camps.