Portfolio Design Competition

The winner Declaration Ceremony of the Portfolio design competition event was held on 29 July 2022, in Ramaiah Technology Campus, RUAS. The event was organized by the department of fashion design, FAD to bring out the new talents of students while designing, showcasing, and presenting through digital methods. Creativity is thinking of new things and innovation is doing new things. Portfolio collection in the fashion designing program is a very important aspect. As part of the curriculum, undergraduate and post-graduate Fashion designers will be developing innovative designs called Portfolio based on a specific theme accomplishing their inspiration through mood board, storyboard, etc. Developed designs will be showcased through fashion shows. 

The registration process for this competition started on 20th June 2022 and closed the registration on 20th July 2022. All the registrations received were scrutinized and the best one was called for presentation on 28th July 2022. The Presentations were judged by expert Jury Members Dr. V Yashoda Kumari, Chairperson, Knitting Division NIFT, Bangalore, and Ms. Swathi Rao, Asst. Content Manager, Marketing and Fashion editor, The Luxury Closet, New Delhi for various parameters like Design Originality, Vision for the future, Aesthetic expressiveness, Design sketch level, and innovation. 

The winner declaration event started with Ramaiah Anthem and Dr Mamatha G Hegde, Assoc. Prof and Head, Dept. of Fashion Design welcomed all. The chief Guest of the event Dr. Kuldeep K. Raina, honourable Vice Chancellor, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences inaugurated the event digitally. During the opening address, Dean, Dr. Dilip Kumar Mahanty said that the Portfolio design competition is the event for a fashion designer to showcase their design collection. The portfolio designers develop their designs based on the theme, Inspiration, Concept, Ideation, Color, Mood, Client, Design, sketches, and Garment development. The portfolio is the one that a recruiter or company asks for an appointment. Candidates need to showcase their best collections that reflect the type of role they’re going for”. 

Chief Guest of the event Dr. Kuldeep K. Raina, honourable Vice Chancellor, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences said that A design will be victorious only when it has the ability to touch the core of the beholder. So the fashion designer needs to have an artistic, creative, and imaginative inclination while making a design. Designs developed in this way have the capacity to bring a drastic change in many aspects of life and the living standards of mankind. Design and designers here are the prime movers in bringing the whole perception of humanity about a particular fashion, trend, or setup. Past few decades it is through design that mankind’s living standard has raised to the optimum level. Fashion Design education for awaited years needs to solve issues rather than mere look. Design should be more transparent/​reflective of the society to tackle the need of all the sectors. This type of competition helps the designers to learn various aspects of design such as the Usage of resources for the development of Imaginative, creative, and integrative fashion apparel”. Ms. Nagaveni K. did the master of ceremony and Ms. Aslesha Bhargava delivered the vote of thanks.