Guest Lecture on “Innovative Portfolio Designing and Promotion”

The Guest lecture on Innovative Portfolio Designing and Promotion” was held on 02 September 2022, in A 206 Ramaiah Technology Campus, RUAS organized by the Dept. of Fashion Design, FAD for B. Des and M. Des fashion designing students. The guest lecture mainly focused on Fashion of present period, innovation required for designing and promotion aspects”. Fashion not only includes apparel but it is applied art on lifestyle and accessories which are influenced by cultural and social conditions. The highlights were also an introduction to design and brand development. The resource person Shri. Mandira Kusha Poovaiah from Padmavriksha Art and Design Private Limited, Bangalore said that Fashion can be a media for identity, communication and protection purpose”. For centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornments as a form of nonverbal communication. Portfolio designing, research development, collection of all the samples etc. are very important for designing by which designer can present the collection of works before a potential client. Market research on fashion gives insights into fashion spending and buying behavior. Students benefitted a lot from this session.